Sunny Bins Solar generator crowd funded for the Northern Beaches Music Festival

On October 21st/22nd/23rd 2016 in Collaroy, site of the recent climate change driven destruction, there is a music festival called the Northern Beaches Music Festival. Thanks to a crowd funding campaign driven by Daniel Robins from Lock the Gate Alliance the components for this Solar generator was made possible. The Sunny Bins Solar Generator will be used at the festival to create an off grid Solar Stage. Performers on the stage include The Lurkers, Scarlets Revenge, Patrick Harte & Jo Bolan, Adder’s Fork, Ian’The Punp’ Macintosh,Stu Tyrell, Under The Weather, D.J Dr Karimantan, Mashy P.
A set of 4 times 40 amp/hr batteries in parallel drive a 1500w inverter meaning off grid 240v power can enable live bands to play through self powered Sunny Bin wheelie bin sound systems. Bands with their own demands of stage power for amps, mixing desk etc will be catered for, also off grid cinema events can now be put on. We look forward to testing out the new unit.