Buying a Sunny Bin
We used to sell our large 12vdc 240 litre Sunny Bins for $2150 each, we still can produce these on demand if they are required. Since 2015 we have researched, troubleshooted a new format bin, the ultra energy efficient 48vdc units come in two sizes, the 80 litre bin size Sunny Buddy and the 120 litre size Tall Stereo Sunny Buddy


The Sunny Buddy 80 litre mini bins are $750 each.
For a Sunny Buddy 80 litre mini bin Stereo pair and mixer it costs $1700.
For a Tall Sunny Buddy Stereo 120 litre sized bin it is $1350.

Extra branding and logo detailing can be carried out at a further cost, A Sound system bin can be couriered within Australia to your door from about $100 for an $80ltr bin and $160 for a tall 120ltr Sunny Buddy


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