Buying a Sunny Bin

There are 3 types of Sunny bin available…

1.Original Sunny Bin
Our large ( normal household bin size ) 12vdc 240 litre Sunny Bins sell for $2150 each , we produce these on demand when they are required. These are stereo bins with speakers on both sides of the bin, they are our model with the most volume.

Sunny bins at Spring Cycle
The Love bin

2. Sunny Buddy ( mark 2 12vdc model )

The Sunny Buddy Mark 2 12v model 80 litre mini bins are $1250 each. The Sunny Buddy like a conventional speaker has speakers on the front of the unit only. These ultra portable bins are are smallest bin, they punch above their weight with volume and can fit in most cars, they come with a drag handle for easy moving, this handle can be removed if required.

Sunny Buddy range

3. Tall Buddy ( mark 2 12vdc model )
For a Tall Sunny Buddy Stereo Mark 2 12v model 120 litre sized bin it is $1650. These models have speakers on 2 sides of the unit.

Extra branding and customising can also be done for these units. Colours vary so ask on application and we can assist you as to what colour bin is available.

Tall Sunny Buddy Stereo sound system
Tall Sunny Buddy Stereo sound system at a Polling booth at the 2016 Election

Extra branding and logo detailing can be carried out at a further cost, A Sound system bin can be couriered within Australia to your door from about $100 for an $80ltr bin and $160 for a tall 120ltr Sunny Buddy

If you want to talk to us email us;  [email protected]

or call Peter 0418 449 707 or Greg on 0426 886 711

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