Operating Instructions

User instructions

Its very important to read all of this document before starting to use the WBSS. Heres a few points to remember to ensure smooth running of your sound system.

A. Overview.

The Wheelie Bin Sound System ( WBSS ) uses a 12v sound system run by a deep cycle battery similar to a car battery. We deliver the bins fully charged. The solar panel is charging up the car battery when the unit is outside, prolonging its life, the rate of which depends on the angle the lid is to the sun and how cloudy it is.  They normally last 6-10 hours from a fully charged start depending on the volume they are played at.

When first using the bin turn your music player volume down to zero then slowly bring it up to the desired level. We find that the units are best played at 2/3 to 3/4 maximum vol (controlled by the ipod). If you have your ipod or other music playing device on full you will probably activate the cut off circuits and the unit will temporary shut down, if this happens wait 30secs and reset your volume at a lower level.

B.Transporting the bin and removing/connecting the battery.

Be careful when rolling the bin around, its a sound system now, not a rubbish bin now so remember your rolling around a hi-fi sound system. The unit is quite robust but dropping it off curbs and banging it around is more likely to cause damage to the units connections and components.
If you need to transport a WBSS say in a vehicle you’ll need to take the battery out of the unit. Always remove Battery before laying the bin on its side.
When you take the battery out carefully unclip the crocodile clips and lift the battery out being mindful not to damage any of the internal components as you bring the heavy battery out of the bin. Do not lay the battery on its side.
Make sure latch on the WBSS lid is secure before laying bin down.
Always lay bin with the backside on the bottom using the wheels to push the bin forward.
Always have bin in front of you when descending stairs. Ease Bin gently to lower stair. If possible have someone in front of you to take the weight of the bin.
While the bin has no battery in it it is in an unstable condition especially with the lid open, basically it could fall over damaging the solar panel as it hit the ground so be sure to close the lid when you remove the battery and use the clip to keep the lid closed when manoeuvring it in a vehicle.
When you reinstall the battery remember the golden rule, red is positive, black is negative. Clip the croc clips back on, switch the unit on and your in business. You’ll notice there are positive and negative symbols on the battery itself.

B. Operating the WBSS.

Check battery is connected.The solar regulator on the underside of the lid should have at least one green and two red lights on when connected. Or simply turn on switch on front of the bin it should light up red. If not carefully remove lid. Make sure all wires from the mixer and amp are disconnected first.The red clamp goes to the red terminal,the black clamp to the blue terminal. Replace lid before starting.
Turn on switch on the front of the bin,it should light red when on.
Connect power to the mixer. The cable is a thin black one similar to a phone charger. The outlet is positioned at the front centre underside of the lid.
Using the splitters connect the two male leads from the mixer to the splitter amp leads.

If just playing music from your i pod/Computer etc.Simply plug an RCA cable to the splitter cables on the AMP and jack it into your I pod. Make sure the volume is always set low before turning it on then adjust once you can hear the music.

If using a Mic the Outlet with the black tape is for the mike,the other for an extra input, I.e guitar, etc.The two female leads from the Mixer is for I pod, C.D or laptop. Connect using a normal RCA to mini-jack cable.