Sunny Bins are in demand in Sydney and beyond for individuals and communities wanting sustainable entertainment for small or large events. Recent clients include The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Communities NSW, The Powerhouse Museum, The office of Clover Moore, City of Sydney Council, Bondi Pavilion, Sydney festival and University of Western Sydney.

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The bins are often used for picnics, community functions, D.J sessions, live musical performances, street partys and festivals

Sunny Bins as a mobile discoteque

Our bins have been used for D.J’ ing with amazing results, for example over November 2011 the Sydney Harbour Foreshore authority in conjunction with their “Village Bizarre” Rocks market events hired us to run a series of roving D.J sessions.  Our D.J’s using an iphone d.j app played music and roved around the markets or along the promenade at Bondi for the recent ‘Bondiesta’ latin music festival. They are equipped with a variety of playlists to suit different occasions.
Check out the video to illustrate this.
D.j’ing on a Sunny bin with an iphone, ipod or laptop is great fun, cueing technology is available with a special splitter cable.
Usually our clients use an ipod and hire our bins for events ranging from weddings, picnics and sporting events and live performances.

Sunny Bins wireless link ups
Randwick council recently commissioned us to make four bins that link up to one sound source via a wireless transmitter and 4 receivers placed in each Sunny Bin. Communities NSW featured our bins at last Aprils Youth Week and consequently many community centres have purchased bins and incorporated them into music workshops and events in their ongoing Youth programs.

Check out our specially made vidio that shows this technology in action

Some recent Sunny Bin events

Lost events

Randwick Council’s Relay for Life

Sydney festival-Parramatta

Chines New Year 2012 video coming soon