Sunny Sound System

The Sunny Bins Sound System has in the last couple of years taken its possibilities to new levels with the Sunny Sound System. After the 202o Pandemic I was asked to do the sound system for the Sydney Vegan Markets then at the Sydney Entertainment Quarter at Fox Studios in Moore Park. This was an opportunity to join Sunny Bins together into a bigger sound system capable of hosting Dj’s and bands. Solar panels keep the batteries charged all day providing a fossil-fuel-free sustainable sound system. A few hiatus’s due to ongoing pandemics afforded the time to develop the equipment, buy new lithium batteries and other equipment and develop the Sunny Sound System further. Some days the batteries are more charged at the end of the day than at the start. The Sydney Vegan Market is now on the 3rd Sunday of the month at Sydney Olympic Park, as well as hundreds of stalls, you can see live acts and DJs play through the Sunny Sound System.

Sunny Bins Solar Sound System soaking up the sun to power the music all day long.
Sunny Bins at the Sydney Vegan Markets’ new home at Sydney Olympic Park, 3rd Sunday of the month.
Live act playing at the January Vegan Markets
At the Sydney Vegan Markets the signal from the main sound system is transmitted around the markets received by various Sunny Bins.
An inverter allows 240v equipment to be plugged in and used.