Sunny Bins Sold

We regularly sell our Sunny Bins and are proudly claim a 100% satisfaction rate from our customers.

The Rhino Blaster sold to Cherrybrook High school

The Blue Ringed Octopus sold to the Sydney Park Kiosk

Orange Sunny Bin sold to Auburn Girls High School

Mexicana bin sold to Liverpool’s Street University

Orange Bin sold to Queanbeyan Council

Bendigo Farmers Market Bin

Check out our Our Clients for more on how they use Sunny Bins

2 thoughts on “Sunny Bins Sold”

  1. hi there sunny bins ive been looking for something like your product for a while now and am glad to finally find you. I was just wondering how far your reach is and if I could get a sunny bin in the country of new Zealand thanks.

    1. Hi Keegan, apologies for the late reply, yes it could be possible to get you a Sunny Bin in N.Z, just have to work out freight costs,ring me 0418 449 707, Pete

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