Sunny Bins live sessions at Acoustikiosk

Better than the AFL?, ummm….depends on where your at…but I reckon it’s where I wanted to be. A few friends and a Sunny Bin live sunset session at my favorite local cafe, the Sydney Park Kiosk. Andy Medina and myself Mashy P played live sets and the rising of the full moon was marked by a special fire show by Shanta…big thanks to all.

Sunny Bins live performance ability is now cemented with the new “Buskers Buddy” mixer. I mixed Guitar and Laptop, using Abelton Live and a sound card with line inputs as a way to add effects and create a bed of sounds and beats to play guitar over.

Andy Medina

Mashy P

Shanta fireshow

Stay tuned for more sunset sessions at the Acoustikiosk this summer

Sunny Bins strike again at Bondi Gangnam Style Flash Mob

Sunny Bins seem to becoming the perfect flash mob device with their portability and wireless link up capabilities as well as the attention they attract on their own. No wires or generators, just solar powered sound and fun. The Bondi Beach promenade became a 10 minute ‘Gangnam style’ dance zone today.