The Sunny Buddy and Tall Sunny Buddy are now our for sale bins, heres a brief spex summary on these new state of the art sound system

Amplifier Power : 120 Watts RMS (240 Watts max power). Plenty of (sub)bass, mid and treble. Speakers : One times 10″ woofer and four times 4″ tweeters. Frequency range : 35 Hz to 20 kHz. Crossover : Two way, using audiophile quality parts such as metal film capacitors and air core inductors to ensure great listening whether you play loud or soft.
Mixer : One balanced microphone or instrument input, dual RCA (for plugging your phone/tablet/etc). Keep the mic away from speakers to avoid feedback. Make sure the mixer power supply is plugged in to get sound.

Double this for a Tall Sunny Buddy

Tall Sunny Buddy Stereo sound system
Tall Sunny Buddy Stereo sound system at a Polling booth at the 2016 Election

Sunny Buddy range
Sunny Buddy range, these units have been rolling out in 2015/16

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Sunny Bin sound system spex for our fleet of hire bins

Sunny Bin sound systems use Acoustic high fidelity speakers that are configured stereo 3 way so bass, mids and treble are represented to maximum effect in their own speakers.

They are maximum of roughly 2x 165w watts RMS per side. The units are capable of being extremely loud at a distance of 1m, and a successively lower the further away the listener stands. We suggest about a maximum of half to three quarters full volume for the units at a public performance .

We use response amplifiers to drive the speakers. They cover a very large range of the frequency spectrum, about 30 Hz up to 20kHz. At three quarters vol they last at least 5-7 hours, then longer turned down a bit and longer on a sunny day.

Our sound systems are fitted with ‘cut off circuits’ preventing speaker damage with high volumes, the system kicks back in when the user resets the volume at a lower level. The speakers performance comes through particularly dynamically as the wheelie bin is a single moulding.

Some people ask if they can be used at night, “Of Course”, we reply, the battery holds the charge so you can store power in the day for night time music, then do the same the next day and in theory go on like this forever. The bin we lent to’ Occupy Sydney’ lasted a week with no wall charge. It depends on how you use it, if you blast it top volume for ages the battery will deplete faster then the sun can recharge it.

Sunny Bins are now used regularly to host 12v, “off the grid” live performances outdoors, they come with an Ashton 4 channel micro mixer, which can mix 4 sources; i.e ipod, mic, guitar and bass. We’ve has some jams with Guitar, ipod drum machine, base and mic.

For hires requiring live performance we have a our black box which houses a Aston 4 channel mixer, microphone and lead, all powered by its own mini 12v battery. These can be hired for an extra $30 on a hire or sold with a Sunny Bin when purchased.

We use a sealed lead acid, maintenance free 12v battery. It has a 12v75ah. Its cycle use is 14.4-15v,with a 13.5-13.8 standby use with an initial current of 22.5a. When not in use we advise the units are switched off to save the battery.

Our 50w solar panels mounted on the lid of the bins are capable of recharging the battery through the solar regulator as the unit is in use and when the unit is dormant. They prolong the performance time for the bins outdoors especially on a sunny day. They normally last 6-10 hours from a fully charged start depending on the volume they are played at. We find that the units are best played at 2/3 to 3/4 maximum vol (controlled by the ipod).

We hope this answers any technical questions you may have but contact us if you need to know any other details.