The Chills Hoist Forest

The Chills Hoist Forest ( CHF ) is a Solar powered zone that includes  several wheelie bin solar powered sound systems that receive their signal from a central jam hut radio station with wireless receivers. This zone is designed to be set up at Festivals and community events.

Four modified Hills Hoists provide shade and hanging space for the Vectorpunk L.E.D driven solar light boxes adorned with screen printed and stenciled images. The zone can become a dance zone, workshop space and gallery.

Peter Strong, member of Sunny Bins and the man behind Vectorpunk for many years has developed a screen printing workshop where images are rendered via the art of paper cut stencils. This workshop format has been used many times at Festivals in Sydney and beyond and is great from ages 4 to 84.

The screen printing workshop in the CHF can produce a forest of printed fabrics that hang from the Hills Hoist trees creating artistic foliage. The Chills Hoist Forest can also provide shade and a chilled educational vibe for children and adults with film showings and presentations. Vegetarian B.B.Q’s add to the mobile suburban garden gone wild.

The four modified Hills Hoists are raised higher so that its hard to reach the hanging foliage of fabric and lights from the ground. Fabric can be arranged to create a large shaded area underneath the hoist array. Four of them are linked together to create a square footprint of about twelve to fourteen square metres. Their bases are squared off with a series of white picket fences. The whole CHF installation incorporates classic Australian iconic yard icons, the Hills Hoists, Wheelie Bin, Picket fence, B.B.Q. and large modified Cantina ute. Special riser stands have been made for the The Wheelie bin sound systems to enable the sound to carry further when the space becomes busy with people.

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