12 ways to use a Sunny Bin

Sunny Bins can be used for a variety of applications, our clients include councils, schools, event organisations, youth groups and festivals.

Uses include providing music, public address and entertainment in remote locations for picnics, parties, weddings, community events, running music workshops, a literally mobile D.J, promoting sustainable energy, linking up a wireless multiple Sunny Bin sound system and more……

1. Schools
We recently sold a Sunny Bin to Auburn Girls High and Cherrybrook Technology High School. They plan to use it to promote alternative energy at and around their school.

Cherrybrook High School Sunny Bin
Cherrybrook High School Sunny Bin

6 ways schools can use Sunny bins :
1. For musical performance, we supply 12v mixers to enable the playing of several instruments and microphones.
2. For use on the sports field, for live commentary for example
3. To promote sustainable energy, solar power and reduce carbon footprints for any event
4. To address a crowd at public functions, assemblies and graduation ceremonies
5. To enable the easy setting up of music to remote locations for student trips and field days.
6. Two bins can be used as a left and right stack for a  sound system for theatre, performances etc

2.Wireless Link ups
The Sunny Bins Wireless Link up is perfect for relaying music and speeches from a central P.A to a further location at an event or linking up several bins with one signal.

Below>Sunny Bins at the Gore Hill ‘Relay for Life’

On Saturday 24th March the Cancer Council put on another one of their ‘Relay for Life’ events, this time at Gore Hill Oval in Sydney’s inner North, the weather gods shined on the event where participants camp out and do laps of the 400m track to raise funds and awareness about Cancer.

The Sunny Bins wireless transmitter set was used to relay the audio from the main stage to parts of the track that were the furthest away bringing sound to the fringes of the event and creating audio suburbs of the main stage.

Randwick Council purchased a 4 bin set prompted by a Relay for Life event it held at Centennial park in 2011 that uses this radio technology and rolls it out regularly in its sustainable event calender.
You could be moving around and dancing and D.J’ing from your phone while 4 bins on stands pick up your signal in 4 locations each to 150 metres away.

3. Music Workshops
The Sunny Bins can easily we turned into a mobile recording studio. We use Abelton Live, a laptop, sound card and micro mixer. Students can record and perform their own music. I invented a tool called the Mash Axe to perform music arranged, synthesized and recorded  into the Abelton program. (Below, Mash Axe demo, Glebe Youth center). In a Sunny Bin workshop students can use some of our collection of instruments or bring their own. They can then arrange recordings to make songs and tracks and then perform them on the mash axe and leave with a C.D of their work.



4. Weddings
Sunny Bins can be used for weddings, if its for the celebrant to make a speech in a remote location or to provide entertainment at the reception our units are the go.

Sunny Bins
Sunny Bin wedding

5. Busking and street performance
Our bins with their 12v mixers are perfect for enabling bands and performers to play their music anywhere without the need for mains power.


6. Roving D.J and parade sound system
Liven up your community event, parade, festival or markets with a Sunny Bin. Our sound systems were  used at Village Bizarre Markets in the Rocks where our D.J roved past the various food stalls selecting the relevant music from the region of the food sold.The D.J was able to select tunes and rove around the Rocks creating a musical interactive street party.
D.J’ing from your ipod or smartphone is easy. They have also been used with great effect at Sydney’s Mardi Gras and Chinese New Year parades. At Festivals these bins are a great tool for herding the crowd out at the end or drawing attention to a space at the event. The Pied Piper effect is a sight to behold.
See Video


7.Picnics and Park Parties
Sunny Bins most popular use is picnics and birthday parties in the park. Sydney has so many parks and beach locations. We are situated right opposite one of Sydney’s largest park, Sydney Park. We have a special deal for Sydney Park Hires


8.Advertising and Promotion
Our bins regularly get used to promote and brand events, venues and products. Taking the mobile sound system to the street is bound to turn heads.


9.Environmental Events
The Sunny Bin in its design with the solar panel promotes environmental sustainability. They are often used at environmental events like tree planting days. They are also very effective at street protests which is the arena they were born in.

10. House and garden parties
Our bins are great for your backyard house party or for use indoors. Impress your friends with this eccentric hi-fi sound system and watch out for noise complaints.


11.Cooking demonstrations using wireless label or headphone mics shown here at Bendigo Community Farmers Market


A Cooking demo spoken through a wireless label mic
A Cooking demo spoken through a wireless label microphone

12.Kids Storytelling

Childrens story telling spoken through a wireless headphone mic
Childrens story telling spoken through a wireless headphone mic

using a headphone wireless microphone shown here at Bendigo Community Farmers Market


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  1. Foldback! And Protestivals like Lizards Revenge outside the Gates of Olympic Dam Uranium Mine in SA in 2 weeks! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. this is such a great idea – saw it as Sydney Park. Do you do any in remote indigenous locations for all of the festivals the communities ALWAYS have?

    1. Hi Suzanne, hi its Pete from Sunny Bins, (wheelie bin sound systems) Im keen to secure a grant to supply indigenous communities with Wheelie bin solar powered sound systems, any ideas,cheers Pete
      best reply to [email protected]

    1. Hi Jade, sorry for the late reply, Sunny Bins have been very busy, please contact us if you want a bin in the future, cheers,p

  3. Hi, looking for a portable sound system like yours for a family Childcare Christmas Celebration for Ashfield Baptist Childcare on Saturday 28th Nov from 3-7pm. Please advise on cost of hire. Thanks

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