The Arythmetek music workshop

The Arythmetek music workshop

In July 2017, Sunny Bins launched their Arythmetek workshop at Vicars Mill in Marrickville. Sponsored by Inner West Council, the event occurred over two days, during which kids and adults were encouraged to join in on drums, guitars, keyboards and electronic sound equipment.

During these workshops jams are recorded, music tracks arranged and content made available to release as finished tracks.

Arythmetek actually goes back to the mid 90s when a sound system bus project back called ‘The Freaky Tour’ travelled from Sydney to Darwin putting on events. One of our workshops in Darwin attracted a guy called Kris Keogh now NT’s most prolific electronic music artists.

The Arthmetek music workshop incorporates electronic and acoustic music jamming and creation through the Sunny Bins solar off grid mobile sound system. Abelton Live software is used to blend electronic dance grooves with live jamming.

Jamming is a great way to brew up ideas that then can be used in the construction of a dance track that incorporates live music. Arthmetek also offers one on one or small group tutorial sessions.

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