Bendigo Community Farmers Market and Queanbeyan Councils get new generation Sunny Bins

Sunny Bins have created a sound system package that caters for a number of needs of a small community P.A, our new bins are now more developed than they have ever been.

Chris Corr from the Bendigo Community Farmers Market on a trip to Sydney saw one of our fleet at the Sydney Park Kiosk and put in a grant application to order a new one from Sunny Bins complete with handmade fruit themed speaker surrounds that they supplied.
The grant was given from the local Bendigo Council and a Sunny Bin and Australian made Ashton wireless mic units were ordered. With hand held, lapel and headphone mics, a mini mixer and on-board battery charging equipment the solar sound system bin can cater for a variety of uses.

It was great to see the Market use the bin not only for playing music but also for enabling the amplification of a cooking demo and children’s story session. They also plan to use it for live musicians to play their sets through.
Rather than use a courier we opted to deliver the bin in person and meet the local community in Bendigo and the council at Queanbeyan. Covering 1500k’s in two and half days the two bins were hand delivered. We look forward to hearing how the units go over time in the two communities.

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