The Sunny Buddy

Introducing the Sunny Buddy
The Sunny Buddy, babies of the Sunny Bin have been rolled out in 2015-16. The units last for about 8 hours on high volume before needing a recharge. The solar panel prolongs play and the unit comes with a wall charger that charges it up in about 2 hours. They retail at $750. They come in green, red, blue, black and yellow and can be used singularly or as a stereo pair. They come with a micro mixer enabling music selection or live performance. They have an awesome full frequency sound.

A small hiccup with the recharge circuit has meant we are no longer selling the Sunny Buddy. In a bid to keep their prices down we invested in a 48v system that had proven not to be as robust over time as we would have liked. A sunny Buddy mark 2 which is 12v is in development. We are currently updating the Buddy System to a 12v model for $300 for Sunny Buddy owners, this is for parts, labour is free. Contact us if you would like the upgrade.

The Sunny Buddy
A pair of Sunny Buddy sound systems, can be used on their own or as a stereo pair.

The Sunny Buddy is an ultra portable system with exceptional (sub)bass response and ultra clear high frequency clarity. The sound quality is truly fantastic!

Sunny Buddy pack


5 thoughts on “The Sunny Buddy”

  1. hi just interested in the sunny boy system, please send me more details when available.
    Many thanks.

  2. I would like to be kept informed of the date the bins are available for sale. I am specifically looking for a solar outdoor system with wireless and Bluetooth capability.
    Can you please advise when the bins are available for purchase and the cost of same.
    Brenda Hirst

  3. Hi! We (Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council) have the original Sunny Bin and would like to get the Sunny Buddy for our Youth Centre. How heavy are they and how much would shipping/freight cost to get it down here?

    1. Hi Jennie, good to here from you, I recently wandered how the Queenbeyan bin was going when I drove through a few months ago.

      The Sunny Buddy comes in 2 formats.

      for $750 ( plus $120 courier and packaging ) you get the small 80 litre bin

      pix here

      and for $1350 ( plus $160 courier and pakaging ) you get the 120 litre version, bigger and more power etc.

      Like the blue bin pictured on this page

      They come in a variety of colours for the bin and the wooden surrounds, cheers, Pete

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