Sunny Bins Solar stage

Sunny Bins are expanding the possibilities of off-grid gigs with this crowd fund campaign to get an inverter for the Sunny Bins solar stage at The Northern Beaches Music Festival this October 22nd, its free so come along or donate to the campaign if you can.
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Sunny Bins Solar Stage featuring 'The Inverter Buggy'
Sunny Bins Solar Stage featuring ‘The Inverter Buggy’

The Sunny Buddy has landed

The Sunny Buddy Kickstarter project to get a mob made up and shipped to new homes in Australia is now ready for action. Hoping to hit the target on Mayday and pump out 35 plus Sunny Buddy solar powered sound systems, please check out and share, apologies if you feel bombarded with this campaign over the next month, its the dawn of a new Sunny Buddy age. Click below to explore our new innovation.