The Sunny Bins Solar Cinema

On Sunday 30th October 2016 Sunny Bins launched its Solar Cinema, off grid movies under the stars, well actually under a marquee as it was raining. Luckily the batteries were fully charged so no sun was needed to run the show. A few brave souls ignored the rain and rocked up at ‘The Save Sydney Park’ camp for the night. The community blockade camp having stalled destruction in one part of Sydney Park had recently moved to it’s new location on the corner of Euston rd and Campbell rd in order to put more pressure on the disastrous Westconnex project.
The Lorax was screened, Halloween Pumpkins created and a great night had. The whole event was be run by the new crowdfunded Sunny Bins Solar buggy that ran a Solar Stage at the Northern Beaches Music Festival the previous weekend.
The night was a test to see if it could run a cinema and it passed with flying data projected colours.

Check out the slideshow of the night and stay tuned for more Solar Cinemas in the future…

The Save Sydney Park camp occupation is there 24/7 and is helping oppose with direct peaceful action Westconnex’s plans to destroy our beloved and culturally significant Sydney park. Drop in and have a cuppa and see how you can help the campaign. If you want to book the Solar Cinema contact us through our contact page

The Cabana Tropicana solar sustainable disco shack is growing in 2014

Sunny Bins has set up a solar sound system for the second year running at the Rocks on Australia/Invasion/Survival day 2014, it was good to present a colourful tropical multi cultural music zone at the Rocks event that was fun and mostly devoid of flag cape wearing oi oi oi nonsense.

The stands help relay the Sunny Bin solar sound further, in this configeration the Sunny Bins are like a regular stereo sound system but 12v

The new format for this solar disco is two sunny bins on stands and elevated top boxes all 12vDC and fed by the bins solar panel lids. The sound was great and lasted the distance ‘off the grid’.

We Dj’ed a selection of global beats and traditional sounds, tropical, latin cumbia, reggae and gypsy grooves and for 6 hours fishing in a lot of interest including some great swing dancers, Leo Sayer and queues of people taking photo’s posing in the shack. The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority‘s playground of astro turf, kids blow up animals, chairs and cushioned filled inflatable pools was a great idea really complementing the Cabana Tropicana. Stay tuned for recordings of the days D.j sets on my sound cloud.

This year at the Rocks they set up an astro turf playground on the street that wasa perfect setting for the Cabana Tropicana

As we were dj’ing a selection of world sounds swing dancers came and did their thing and we even fished in Leo Sayer

Mashy P and Leo Sayer


Swing out sister

Contact Sunny Bins if you want to book the amazing Cabana Tropicana solar venue, it goes out from $1500 for your sustainable event.

Sunny Bins mass the biggest mob of mobile sound systems at the Parramasala opening Parade 2013

On Friday 14th October 2013, Sunny Bins amassed the largest collection of its mobile sound systems to date at one event. 8 Sunny Bins were assigned to a variety of dance troops that were involved in the Parramasala opening parade. Tortuga Studios and Vectorpunk also designed decorated floats and supplied a skip sound system in the colourful evening explosion of colour and sound.