Sunny Bin fleet revamped

Sunny bins have been upgraded with our new amps and terminals and have had their artwork revamped with their various themes. All the bins feature wooden detailing in the lids now and more robust lid hinge system.

The Lion Bin has been in dry dock for a while but is now ready to roar into action for you sustainable event.

A new Cockatoo Cranker model will soon be unveiled as our old model sold to a community group in Kempsey called Slippry Sirkus who have youth music workshops planned using the bin.

Sunny Bins mass the biggest mob of mobile sound systems at the Parramasala opening Parade 2013

On Friday 14th October 2013, Sunny Bins amassed the largest collection of its mobile sound systems to date at one event. 8 Sunny Bins were assigned to a variety of dance troops that were involved in the Parramasala opening parade. Tortuga Studios and Vectorpunk also designed decorated floats and supplied a skip sound system in the colourful evening explosion of colour and sound.