The Sunny Buddy

Introducing the Sunny Buddy
The Sunny Buddy, babies of the Sunny Bin have been rolled out in 2015-16. The units last for about 8 hours on high volume before needing a recharge. The solar panel prolongs play and the unit comes with a wall charger that charges it up in about 2 hours. They retail at $750. They come in green, red, blue, black and yellow and can be used singularly or as a stereo pair. They come with a micro mixer enabling music selection or live performance. They have an awesome full frequency sound and have been selling well. A small hiccup with the recharge circuit has been rectified. They come with a 6 month warranty and continued support.

The Sunny Buddy
A pair of Sunny Buddy sound systems, can be used on their own or as a stereo pair.

Checek out the Kickstarter project that was used to launch the Sunny Buddy


Like all healthy babies the Sunny Buddy has a strong full frequency attention grabbing cry and is keen to get out there and play in the great outdoors.

We have taken all of our past sound system experiences with our 240 litre bin mobile sound systems and optimised an affordable system which can fit in your car, be walked around and play your music with exceptional quality, without cables, no matter where you are.

We have streamlined all of the important features into one powerful sound system which is designed to play your music with great clarity whether you want it loud or soft.

The Sunny Buddy is an ultra portable system with exceptional (sub)bass response and ultra clear high frequency clarity. The sound quality is truly fantastic!

Sunny Buddy pack

All you need to know about a Sunny Buddy sound system

Heres a few points to help you enjoy and maintain your Sunny Buddy…


Always keep the bin in an upright position as putting it on its side will put strain on the battery housing. Be careful when transporting your sunny buddy it is a robust unit but it is also a high fidelity sound system.

The mixer and playing audio from your Sunny Buddy
A. Using one Sunny Buddy
Make sure your mini mixer in the Sunny Buddy is plugged into it’s power supply. When first operating turn the volume pot fully off. It has a twin RCA channel and a mic/jack channel, so you can play your ipod and use a mic for karaoke, mc’ing, speeches etc.
You can control the volume from your iPod or from the volume dial on the mixer. Set your ipod or music player volume to low, switch the Sunny Buddy on and ease the ipod to about half volume, then ease the mixer vol to about half, full vol is about two thirds to full on both mixer and ipod/music player.

You can also plug another instrument into the mixer like a microphone or guitar . You can actually use each RCA input separately if you have the correct plug adapters.

B. Using two Sunny Buddy sound systems as a Stereo pair.

Sunny Buddy A has a power splitter to enable power to go to the Stereo mixer. We have provided a 12v power extension lead, plug this into the spare power outlet and run the lead to the centrally placed stereo mixer. At the Stereo mixer use the RCA cables to run power to each sunny buddy, using the ‘RCA converge adapters’ to run audio into both RCA inputs at the mini mixer in the Sunny Buddies, you now have a stereo sound system.

Power longevity-Avoid leaving your Sunny Buddy switched on when not in use.

The Sunny Buddy has an automatic cut-off so if it’s not working and won’t power up it means it will need to be charged either with the sun with the wall charging lead supplied.

You can tell if the unit is on by looking at the volt meter display on the rear of the unit of checking the power indicator light on the front of unit between the Sunny Buddies eyes.
Your Sunny Buddy should play at a high volume for 6 to 7 hours, longer if you are in the sun with the solar panel. This depends on the volume of play, a longer play time would be achieved at lower volumes
When its depleted the volt metre on the back of the bin reads between 48-49v, when fully charged 50-51v.
2 to 3 hours with the wall charge and the bin is completely charged. There is a light on the charger box which will appear green when the bin is fully charged, if it’s still charging its red.

When putting the wall charge socket onto the charge socket on the bin plug it into the bin first before plugging it into the wall. If you plug it into the wall first then into the bin it can cause sparking as you put the wall charger into the socket on the rear of the bin near the on/off switch.


The Sunny Buddy has a specially designed handle that slots in the existing handle mount on the back of the bin. When attaching the handle make sure the sunny bins logo is facing forward, tighten the bolt to make it secure.

Solar Panel

The solar panel will recharge the bins batteries whenever it’s in the sun with the bin on or off. The bin will run without sun, the sun just recharges the batteries.

Tecky spex

Amplifier Power : 120 Watts RMS (240 Watts max power). Plenty of (sub)bass, mid and treble. Speakers : One times 10″ woofer and four times 4″ tweeters. Frequency range : 35 Hz to 20 kHz. Crossover : Two way, using audiophile quality parts such as metal film capacitors and air core inductors to ensure great listening whether you play loud or soft.
Mixer : One balanced microphone or instrument input, dual RCA (for plugging your phone/tablet/etc). Keep the mic away from speakers to avoid feedback. Make sure the mixer power supply is plugged in to get sound.

5 thoughts on “The Sunny Buddy”

  1. I would like to be kept informed of the date the bins are available for sale. I am specifically looking for a solar outdoor system with wireless and Bluetooth capability.
    Can you please advise when the bins are available for purchase and the cost of same.
    Brenda Hirst

  2. Hi! We (Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council) have the original Sunny Bin and would like to get the Sunny Buddy for our Youth Centre. How heavy are they and how much would shipping/freight cost to get it down here?

    1. Hi Jennie, good to here from you, I recently wandered how the Queenbeyan bin was going when I drove through a few months ago.

      The Sunny Buddy comes in 2 formats.

      for $750 ( plus $120 courier and packaging ) you get the small 80 litre bin

      pix here

      and for $1350 ( plus $160 courier and pakaging ) you get the 120 litre version, bigger and more power etc.

      Like the blue bin pictured on this page

      They come in a variety of colours for the bin and the wooden surrounds, cheers, Pete

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